The Pro Bono Thinking Society

The Pro Bono Thinking Society provides free original thinking and problem solving to individuals and organizations.

Current Topics

PBTS10: Slip and Slide

Status: Researching

PBTS9: Free Cooper Union

Status: Researching

PBTS7: New Job, New Home: A Chicago Relocation

Status: Composing Report

PBTS5: Sorry State of Education

Status: Awaiting Briefing

Past Topics

PBTS8: A Question of Quantity

Status: Complete

PBTS6: Leather Loafer of Indestructible Odor

Status: Complete

PBTS4: A Classic Consumer Conundrum

Status: Complete

PBTS3: New Wards of Chicago

Status: Complete

PBTS2: Irish in Czech

Status: Complete

PBTS1: Spent Grains Need Spent

Status: Complete

Past Events

“Think & Drink” with The Pro Bono Thinking Society

Tuesday, October 11th 2011

As part of the upcoming Chicago Ideas Week, we will be hosting a 'Think & Drink' at The Old Town Ale House on October 11th, from 8pm - 4am. We'll be brainstorming solutions for our current projects, looking for additional projects, and meeting potential members. Stop by to share some ideas or just share some drinks. No format. All casual.

Contributing Thinkers

PBTS-U-8C1717 - Microbiologist who stays true to their a roots when it comes to beer and cricket. Moved stateside from SW England in the 90s.

PBTS-U-0064B9 - Criminal defense lawyer with own private practice in a Midwestern state capitol.

PBTS-U-CECC10 - Accountant at a large enterprise communications company. Amazing hand-eye coordination.

PBTS-U-7C9F10 - Sequential Art degree from a respected southeastern art school working as an illustrator and concept artist. Certified United States boat captain.

PBTS-U-289192 - Advanced degree in natural resources from a public university with research focus on wildfire containment. Good with an axe.

PBTS-U-871850 - Newly wedded Special Education Administrator with advanced degrees in School Psychology and Educational Leadership.

PBTS-U-48577A - Software Engineer and avid vermi-composter. Lives a 'less is more' life with his beagle Max among a custom aquaponics system for apartment living.

PBTS-U-001E89 - Je suis un respirateur.

PBTS-U-FE8A13 - Graduate of top design school in the American south. Founded and runs a small design and development company in Chicago. Prefers 8-bit processors.

PBTS-U-3F2B0D - Advanced degree in economics from a public university. Teaches economics and statistics at a small private college in Illinois. Founder of small consumer web startup.

PBTS-U-FF0021 - Doctorate in mechanical engineering. Faculty member at a public university in Wisconsin.

PBTS-U-EAEAEA - Doctor of American History with little time for personal hobbies. Currently working as a part-time professor and full-time foster father.

PBTS-U-151515 - A stay at home dad from west-central Illinois with a degree in screenwriting. Interests include quality film, history, and whipping small children into shape.

PBTS-U-626357 - Formal education in metals and self-taught woodworker and web developer. Currently working at a large interactive agency in Chicago.

PBTS-U-EFABAB - Creative thinker with a sharp sense of the rational world. Currently runs an online boutique based in the midwest. Loves a sharp cheddar.

PBTS-U-09B700 - Ardent tinkerer with a degree in management & organizational development from a university in southern Michigan. Currently working in the metals (Zn) industry.

PBTS-U-FFF200 - Farm raised in NE Ohio. Master of Industrial and Systems Engineering working in energy. Specializes in all things outdoors.

PBTS-U-862A94 - Newly minted MD with a advanced degree in public health from an Ivy League school. Currently in residence on the East Coast.