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PBTS2: Irish in Czech

Status: Complete

REPORT (updated September 2nd, 2011)

PBTS Project #2 (Mini)
Title: Irish in Czech
Start Date: 9/2/11
Report Date: 9/2/11

I. Summary of the problem
A Notre Dame college football fan is traveling to Prague, Cezch Republic during opening weekend and is searching for a place to watch the game on 9/3/11.

II. Initial research
The Pro Bono Thinking Society consulted several college football and expat discussion forums to find a handful of establishments that are said to carry American football games within the last two years.

III. Recommended solution
We recommend visiting one of the following establishments:

Jama Pub, V Jame 7, New Town, Prague 1
Sportbar Zlata Hvezda, Ve Smečkách 12, Praha 1
Mosaic House and Belushi’s Bar & Restaurant, Odboru 4, Praha 2
Drunken Monkey Prague,U milosrdných 6, Prague 1

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IV. Other viable alternatives
Walk around Prague in search of a bar full of expats.

V. Alternatives to be dismissed

VI. Off the Wall Alternatives

VII. Suggestions for further action/research
Visit one of the above establishments. Order a drink. Watch Notre Dame football.

VIII. Sources“>

BRIEFING (updated September 2nd, 2011)

Please Help! I’m traveling in Europe with my boyfriend who wants to watch the Notre Dame American football game in Prague. I’m not sure what bar would show it. He like to drink too, so one that serves cheap cold beer would be preferred. Thanks for your help! – Lost with a thirsty boyfriend .

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